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Vodka Exclusive has been awarded at fifteen international competitions in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the USA, Romania and Turkey.

The quality of the product is also evidenced by the "DVOINOE ZOLOTO" award from 2012 at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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"EXCLUSIV 1" 40°

This vodka was first produced in 2003. In the same year it won six awards at the international competitions, which is an evidence of the quality and high ranking alongside the best vodkas from Russia, Ukraine and Romania.


"EXCLUSIV 4 Cranberry" 40°

Special vodka with a light aroma and taste of cranberries. The content of the recipe, among other things, contains rowanberry extract, which gives the vodka a spicy taste and at the same time guarantees the elimination of the abstinence syndrome.

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"EXCLUSIV 3 Lemon" 40°

Who would resist the smell of lemon and vodka? Made with natural ingredients in which is vodka flavored with lemon oil during the production process.

Blackcurrant" 40°

If you are looking for an extraordinary taste experience, you will appreciate vodka with a pleasant blackcurrant aroma.

This product is made on the natural basis. The unique technological process of water preparation guarantees clarity, aroma and delicate taste.
The delicate and captivating taste of this vodka is unique and will stand out wherever true connoisseurs and gourmets come together.

Vodka Exclusive will always be the star of all festive toasts and celebrations of important life occasions. 
It will stand out as a suitable addition to an important business meeting, as an interesting gift to a client or as a highlight of a pleasant corporate party.
Last but not least, thanks to its softness, the women which are usually rather reluctant to this type of drink will also appreciate the quality of our vodka. It will win the hearts of us all.
You will surely think of some interesting new flavours and you are far from being the only one. Due to high demand we can now offer other great flavours for incredible experiences.

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